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  1. Pranshu Jain

    How is 10$ a month cheap if one is subscribing for it and ends up paying for the entire year = 120$

  2. Shaquita Owens

    Why does my current balance says one thing and then my available balance says another will I be able to access the current balance???

  3. Samuel Sanchez

    Only one question is this only for working people only or people on fixed income government income to please help me with answer thanks and God bless

  4. Sara Boyd

    Great information with unbiased comparisons… Thank you!!

  5. Jerome royte

    my name is also Brigit

  6. Tara Croskey

    Does the amount you are approved for initially get raised if you repay on time etc. I was given 80 I could get and related early will that amount increase or stay the same.

  7. Amber C

    Great video! Love Brigit :) Good company with good

  8. Arya Realty Investments


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