CashNetUSA Customer Success Stories


Hear how CashNetUSA customers found the relief they needed from unexpected expenses.

Customers were compensated for sharing their story.

– I had just kind of got in a bind.

– Our house caught on fire.

– On the way home a deer ran out in front of me. And unfortunately I hit it.

– Bills got backed up. My husband had lost his job and I needed the money to get us afloat.

– When you have such a grip on your finances and then, you know, something traumatic hits. And then you find someone who can actually help you and make sense of it all. And that’s what CashNet did for me.

– It was very simple. No stress or anything whatsoever about it.

– I chose CashNet over the other options because they tell you up front, you know, how you’re gonna pay it back. They also gave discounts. From my experience other companies didn’t offer that.

– I had never taken out a personal loan before. I wasn’t really familiar with the process but CashNet made it super comfortable.

– The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

– It’s as simple as scanning in a document, here and there. And putting in that application, and making a phone call real quick.

– My experience with repayment is very easy. They send me an advance notice of how much my statement is each month. And when they had received the funds, after they have debited it, I get a receipt.

– I got a credit limit increase recently for being a good customer. It’s nice just to know that that the funds are available.

– My experience with CashNet has been awesome. When I took it out, I felt like I was going to be okay.

– It kind of gives me a relief now, knowing that I do have them, you know, on the side in case I need some extra funds.

– It really gave me that sense of not only confidence, but security, knowing that I was able to rely on this, CashNet.

– I love to deal with them. I love the way they do business. But if I can give them 10 stars, I would give them 10 stars.



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