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  1. Sebastian

    The Chime Spending Account Of Course…

  2. Doris Garcia

    I can’t open the credit builder card because it’s asking me to do direct deposit from my employment but my job gives personal checks and doesn’t do direct deposit 😭

  3. Jessica Rae

    Does the credit builder card do the round up?

  4. crystal blount

    So I completely understood the information. Paiying my Bill's with this card is good then? Correct?

  5. Lydia Nevins

    The best way to build your credit is to pay off your debt and watch your spending but I like Chime because I use that for my miscellaneous and I don’t have to worry about any interruptions on my main bank account

  6. Richard Chacon

    What If you already have a bank credit card… Is it worth applying for chime credit builder? Will this affect my credit score between my bank credit card and chime credit builder?

  7. jody marshall

    My question is that if I spend $2 on coffee and it gets taken out on my credit Builder account at the end of the month?

  8. Bradley Sickles

    So basically you can put 200 on credit card then a month later put 200 back on after you're done spending it?

  9. Justin Dougherty

    Funny how people can use your card to take money without permission but the app is like oh you cant dispute a pending payment and its taken out already. Helping assholes steal our money.

  10. Charles Eløy

    There is no doubt that you will rise fast at the apex of your career. Because you are a very intelligent, smart, hard worker and your work ethic par excellence keep going nice team junkywarriors y’all go get em on

  11. Joseph Cornell

    The economy hardship, recession, unemployment and loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures kudos to them … junkywarriors they’re a life saver

  12. Thomas

    When referencing corporate America, he said “They don’t really care about you as they make it seem” realest thing he said…I’ve seen & experienced it first hand in the DMV. Black ppl aren’t really respected in corporate America. Glad that he was able to get out of there and become his own boss 😎 JUNKYWARRIORS🎡COM

  13. Chris Boyes

    I doubted them at first time junkywarriors but to my patient and soft mind they surprised me with the fund I never expected, you are the real man to deal with

  14. Donald Hakkim

    Best smile an personality award forget turo! Nawh jk great info appreciate your energy! Put down momma we all need guidance! Great work giving it back an no higher level of learning but teaching! Keep it up God bless!! you JUNKYWARRIORS🎡COM

  15. Shelton Minor

    Hello Double M, trying to make a decision about one of these banks but which one is best for quick check chasing but not direct deposit as I am self employed. I really need fast turn around on check clearing as well as the ability to write maybe 5 checks per month. And finally how long does it take to activate the account and start using it as I have checks to deposit now. Thanks for your help with this process.
    Shelton M.

  16. Kieara Hoskins

    I misplaced my chime spending card , is the same money on my spending on my credit automatically? Someone please answer I’m on E and can’t find my card

  17. DownHillgamer

    I just set mine up today , gunna start using it tomorrow

  18. Xavier Cruz

    I used my credit card to do a withdrawal at an atm.
    It said it was a cash advance, last that something I need to actually pay back or is it covered by the safe credit building option.
    Someone please help

  19. Christopher Wright

    I love the video! All of my questions are answered and my decision is made.

  20. Kor Kalba

    Are they small chips or big chips? In case somebody wanted to put a sticker or skin on it.

  21. Robin Wiggins

    How does utilization reported with this card?

  22. Lex

    Do you have to pay a credit card bill if you use the credit builder card

  23. adejoke 99

    Absolutely random but can you list the books you have in the background?

  24. Tech PoinT

    Basically The Credit Builder Replaces The Regular Chime Debit Card Which Builds You’re Credit Whenever You Spend. Move Money Into Savings While The Credit Builder Cover The Fees Immediately. 🤘🏽

  25. DK

    Can I choose both cards so I don't have to debate…?

  26. Sean Tyson

    Will online purchases count towards credit ?

  27. Carmen Karmel

    So, let me get this straight. The white card is basically your Checking Account A K.A. Spending Account and Savings Account. When you do a direct deposit to the Checking Account they take 10% of that and put it in your Savings Account and the remaining to your Spending Account. The green card is the Credit Builder Account, to load money onto it, you will do a transfer from your Checking Account or go to one of Chime's vendors. When you use the white card for any purchases that is not reported any of the credit bureaus, I guess, just like any other bank debit cards. Only the green card (Chime's Credit Builder) get reported to the credit bureaus. I have two questions for you. Do you have to get the white card in order to get the green card? Can you load money onto the white card as well, without doing a direct deposit?

  28. LS

    There is another advantage to the Credit Builder card vs the regular card. Some stores don't accept regular Visa debit cards. They want a credit card. Two that come to mind are the US Postal Service when you try to pay for something via their website, and QVC when using easy pay. So if those places see the CB card as a real Visa Credit card, they should have no issues. Pleased nobody tell me the USPS does accept debit cards. They didn't last week when I tried to renew a PO Box online paying with a debit card. I had to make the payment method PayPal and have PayPal pull money from the debit card. It was stupid. This wasn't the first time I've had a place refuse my Visa debit card like that. It's not a card from Chime having this problem. It's another bank.

  29. SwagGod 22

    Chime credit builder works well it's basically a secure credit card. You spend what you have on the card and put the same amount on each month.

  30. Juan Joiner

    Anybody has chime boost?

  31. 967031

    I really wish I learned about this service awhile ago because I could’ve been building my credit just for paying my bills that I know I’m going to pay instead of it just sitting in my account not gaining anything no interest, only some miles 1 mile for every $2 spent, I think building credit is better that earning miles that’ll take forever to reach anything. I really think this is one of the best things to be created especially with all the bonuses no fees, early payday, CREDIT BUILDER FOR FREE!!!! I’m still keeping my other bank account for the miles since I can transfer money from the app. 👌👌👌

  32. KeithShae Armstrong

    What will happen if you add money but never spend what you put on the credit builder card?

  33. Quantetrianna Ford

    I got the chime credit builder card and the spending card. At certain ATM locations it is allowing cash back or free fee.

  34. TuPhonez4Free

    Interesting way you had put the chime credit builder card as like a prepaid master card. I think that should be an actual thing.

  35. Scott Iuiu

    Thanks God for sending me a helper like ‪+1-2-5-1-2-8-0-3-8-8-3 they’re the best I made sum while dealing with them!!

  36. Scott Iuiu

    Thanks God for sending me a helper like ‪+1-2-5-1-2-8-0-3-8-8-3 they’re the best I made sum while dealing with them!!

  37. Scott Iuiu

    Thanks God for sending me a helper like ‪+1-2-5-1-2-8-0-3-8-8-3 they’re the best I made sum while dealing with them!!

  38. Scott Iuiu

    Thanks God for sending me a helper like ‪+1-2-5-1-2-8-0-3-8-8-3 they’re the best I made sum while dealing with them!!

  39. Scott Iuiu

    Thanks God for sending me a helper like ‪+1-2-5-1-2-8-0-3-8-8-3 they’re the best I made sum while dealing with them!!

  40. Scott Iuiu

    Thanks God for sending me a helper like ‪+1-2-5-1-2-8-0-3-8-8-3 they’re the best I made sum while dealing with them!!

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