Difference Between Payday and Personal Loans in the UK



Most people feel that payday loans and personal loans are the same thing, but that is not true at all. They may seem similar, but they have many big differences that set the two options at opposite poles. One has to consider the credit and the amount one needs to borrow to know what one is qualifying for before applying for it.

Personal and payday loans are both useful when an extra boost in finances is required, but this is the only similarity between them. The factors that vary are the term, cost and the amount among other different funds.


The loan amount also differs when it comes to a comparison between the two. Most banks in the UK do not lend less than £ 1000 for a 12-month period in the case of personal loans.

When it comes to cost comparison, personal ones are much cheaper with a maximum APR of 29.9% but one needs to have good and excellent credit. Payday loans can usually be more expensive, but it does not require a strict credit requirement.

In the case of a loan period, personal loans are offered for a maximum of about 5 years as a loan. A payday has a shorter term of about two to maybe four weeks, which can last up to 12 months.

When it comes to eligibility, personal loans offered by credit unions and banks have very strict criteria to choose from. They generally require borrowers to have good credit along with a fairly strong financial background. Payday loans seem much more flexible in comparison, as lenders only require that the borrowers have a proper and regular source of income to qualify.

Personal loan lenders are online lenders, banks, lenders and credit unions, while payday loans are offered by those lenders who specialize in check income services and short-term lending.


Payday loans, automatic title loans and installment loans have high fees and rates that could catch a person in a debt cycle. The person could be forced to take a second or even a third loan just because it could not pay the first within the set time limit. Alternatives to short-term loans such as local resources such as local charities, government agencies and non-profits offer relatively free services for financial needs and also help with rent, food and services for those people who are in dire need of it.

Payment extensions can also be obtained by talking to the relevant billing providers about an extension or longer time frame or payment plan if their payments are required. One can also engage in side jobs to get the payment.


The cost of payment varies when it comes to payday loans versus personal loans. The interest rate you will receive along with the terms is based on the credit history of the individual and whether one has an additional or not along with the amount you are borrowing and the conditional loan.

Payday loans while having APRs of three or four digits (100% -1000%). The actual total cost depends on the living condition of the borrower. APR represents the annual cost that is important to note.


Deciding whether to choose a payday loan or a personal loan depends on the amount of money the individual intends to borrow and it also depends on the credit of the person. If one needs to borrow about 50 pounds up to 1000 pounds, he or she can opt for a short-term loan, as personal loans require the person to borrow at least 1000 pounds up to about 2000 pounds.

The time factor must also be considered. Short-term loans offer faster turnaround times compared to personal loans because it involves a less approval process. Nowadays more and more personal loan providers are changing online, so they have almost the same processing speeds similar to short-term loans as payday loans.

Credit history is also an important factor. If the borrower has excellent credit scores, they will save more money by getting a personal loan with lower interest rate compared to a payday loan which will be available at a higher cost.

The total cost of the loan depends on the monthly payments of the borrower and also depends on the repayable total amount which depends mostly on the interest rate. One should always compare and consider various options and check online calculators offered by the lender to see which loan scheme is best suited for your needs and how much one will have to repay.


There are many alternative options available to personal loans and payday loans that can be beneficial to the borrower. One can borrow a small amount or a sum of money without the need for the borrower to take out a payday loan.

Another short-term loan is a partial loan in which the borrower repays the amount with a single lump sum. Thus, personal loans and payday loans for bad credit can be useful only when one carefully examines which loan is best suited for their needs.




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