Getting Through Uncertain Times | Kathryn's CashNetUSA Success Story


See how CashNetUSA helped Kathryn through financial hardship.

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My name is Kathryn. I teach fifth and sixth grade. I have two daughters and a wonderful husband.

2020 was hard for all of us. My job thankfully is very secure being a school teacher so I was able to transition to teaching at home. But my husband has been unemployed. I just kind of got in a bind and just needed a little bit of a cushion there.

I went directly to CashNet. I was a previous customer, which made it super-easy to get our new loan. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. My first feeling was relief. I used my funds to pay off a couple of bills that I just needed to take care of. I got a credit limit increase recently for being a good customer. It’s nice just to know that the funds are available.

Overall, my experience with CashNet has been wonderful. They have been a trustworthy company and they have been there to loan money anytime I’ve needed it.



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