Growing A Garden – Saving Money – Paying Off A Payday Loan Lender


Can a person really save money and reward payday lenders when growing their own food? Of course it will take hard work and patience waiting for the fruits of your labor (pun!) But in the long run you will see a significant saving in your food bill. Not to mention the personal satisfaction you will have when you are able to eat fruits and vegetables right from your own garden.

Start with a critical look at your current finances. Most likely you can reduce your food budget. Most people can, when they stop to think about how much they spend and what they buy. Spending less in the supermarket, paying off a payday loan or just saving money for a rainy day are great reasons to consider growing your own food.

Saving money starting a garden can depend on many factors. The first is the climate where you live. Tough winters (and even spring) can make it difficult to grow your own food, but if you live in a subtropical climate like Florida and many parts of Texas, you have a great opportunity to grow and care for your own garden. You just need some seeds, a few garden tools and the right space to plant. Providing your fridge with your own fresh food is one way to pay off your payday lender and save the borrowing for a real financial crisis.

First decide where you will build your garden. You don’t need to have a large backyard to do this, although the more space you have, the more you can plant. But in fact it only takes a few square feet to get started. It is an option to create a vertical garden, which means you will grow your plants in containers. Garden centers and home improvement stores fill equipment and supplies to help you maximize the space you need to work with.

Then find out what grows best in your area. Think about what fruits and vegetables you enjoyed living in your area. Different seasons will determine what you can plant in and also in a “zone” in which you live (you can find this in a gardener’s book or on the back of the pack). If you aim to grow plants that are not supported by the climate of your area, you can always build a greenhouse if your resources allow. This can be costly though and remember that you are trying to save money. Don’t go out and borrow on payday or car loans just to build a greenhouse. This will defeat the goal of building a garden to save money and reward your short-term payday.

You may want to consider planting fruit trees if space allows. They not only give shade in the hot season, but you will be just steps away from delicious homemade fruits. Be patient, fruit trees need time to grow and some can only bear fruit every two years. You will however see a significant saving for your food bill, however, when you will be able to remove fruits from your shopping list. You can also do this with herbs and spices, as these can cost to buy fresh.

Growing your own food is not an easy task at all, but it is not only healthy for you and your budget, but can be personally rewarding for you and your family members. Get your kids involved and make this a project you’re working on together. Take it a step further by learning to be able to and / or maintain your own productions. Having the space to store your stored items means you can have future gifts for others, a food supply for emergencies, and the opportunity to sell at a farmers market where you can profit. Agricultural markets and food cooperatives are very popular now as a means to provide healthy and organic fruits and vegetables as well as save money and become a home company for many farmers.

You may discover that your green thumb can save you a lot in food and also become a source of income for your finances. This will allow you to repay your payday lender as soon as possible and see big savings at the grocery store checkout!



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