Netspend Review 2019 Is It Worth It?


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  1. meditation life

    Can you use an atm to deposit money on your card?

  2. Jan From NYC Saves Money!

    Kudos to you for this clear video! Great job!

  3. Kamorudeen Akinlabi

    I can't stop dealing with Herickcard on telegram he's the best in existence.

  4. Serria Fonesca

    If you work with Herickcard on telegram y'all will definitely get paid

  5. Serria fonesca

    Herickcard on telegram serves the best he's a real and legitimate person..

  6. Kiara Thomas

    I had 2000 that was deposit to my NetSpend card account but when I call it it says zero balance and however it is the weekend I'm thinking maybe it doesn't say pending or anything until the following week a business days I'm trying to wrap my neck around it without overstressing but the whole situation open is probably what it is and nobody hacked my account before you even get my funds so that's the questions that I had for you hopefully I can get some answers why does it work on the weekends


    i have used netspend for 2 years and i stay because they dont overdraft you until you overdraft 10. and they give you 24 hours after the charge was posted to deposit monies to avoid that fee. so i can spend my check literally a day or two before it gets deposited, and about that. my checks are due to be deposited on Friday but i get my monies available on Wednesday mornings. soooooo…………i went to them because Bank of america "accidentally" charged me 1 overdraft charge and because of that the next 3 little purchases they charged me an additional 25 for each. like 5 for gas. and two for sodas thorough out the day. if they had not charged me that first 15 the last 3 would not have over drawn my account. oh and fiy there was plenty in my savings but you know they didnt care. i argued and argued. they charged me daily for having a negative even though it was in dispute. so finally when it got to be a couple hundred dollars and i was told they refuse to help = reconcile my account – i told them to send me to collections and i was done. went and got a netspend out of just desperation cause you have to have a cc now days. but have been so so happy with them that i stay. it has been like 2 years now. yes there are limits. you can not zelle. :-( and some contactless features dont work. But for someone that has had probably thousands of dollars stolen by banks over the years it is well worth the trade off. oh and btw. like 6 months ago. i got a check from Bank of America. Apparently during an audit my account was flagged and they refunded me like 100 bucks. it was explained that they found numerous over charges. i could have fought and got more i am sure, but really is it worth it? for me no. i actually have two. reason why is because my pig, yes literal pig, ate my card. it was easier to purchase another card and have my monies transferred there so i could use right away. i have only had to call customer service once and they were amazing! i do pay now 10 a month for my two accounts but it has turned into a great way to save money. split my bills. and if i give a card to my kid to use i know she only has access to a certain amount haha. and i am not waiting for my card back lol. flashpass is free to use. that is what they use to transfer monies between accounts.

  8. wnerk o

    Same story.i thought it was a gift card.put money on it and buy shit.end of story.but nope.its a FUCKING trap.this modern age is overly complicated and set up to fuck over a simple working person.ebay too.its all a rip off.if a game to rip off and not get ripped off.they need shot

  9. Todd J. Reich/ Todd James Melodyman

    NetSpend is legit I have it and I'm happy with this

  10. Todd J. Reich/ Todd James Melodyman

    This guy's full of it

  11. Todd J. Reich/ Todd James Melodyman

    Other Banks overdrafts are like 25.00. 35.00

  12. Tahisha Hewitt


  13. kendria blanken

    how you delete it

  14. Mike Lambert

    I dont understand… I deposited $20 to put something in my account when I opened it… Netspend took $5 from my account…. Can anyone tell me why? Are they trust worthy to deposit more in or should I close the account?

  15. Iveth Zepeda

    Can someone help me with this?. I just got my prepaid card. I know that you can link your personal bank information. Does anyone know how many days it takes for that type of transfer to clear? Also do you still have to write "void" when you cash your check through the app. Answers are truly appreciated.

  16. Pat Feo

    I am never ever ever ever ever ever ever, using net spend again, even the coustomer service was very very rude.😠😠😠

  17. 214MiguelAngel

    How do you deposit checks through the app?

  18. Levar Boyd

    Can you make an ATM withdrawal with insufficient funds I been having my card for a year & get direct deposit?

  19. leomillar3891

    How do you transfer money from your NetSpend to your actual bank

  20. totw_TedYT

    All i wan know is it good? Does it have protection?

  21. Vedelz

    How do u see ur account balance?

  22. Frederick Garrett

    Can I get a pay-as-you-go card like like 2$ be taken off my card

  23. Stooges

    Stop wasting your time with prepaid cards like NetSpend and greendot there are other cards out there such as cash out PayPal and chime who have their own debit cards through their own app their cards are more secure they called with chips and their cards and many other features

  24. TrapGod34

    I got my card mailed to me thru a job so I didn't have to pay for mines..and nothing ever happened to me…..yet

  25. Watching

    Where is he from?

  26. Kenneth Leland

    It’s a scamming operation beware!
    Netspend is considered the worst prepaid company! Google – Netspend Lawsuit – beware!

  27. Kenneth Leland

    Nonsense because Netspend are a thieving company geared towards stealing money! Google- Netspend Lawsuit – don’t be robbed!

  28. Tripple Prod.

    They just keep canceling my cards and locking my account its honestly not worth it and its also useless

  29. jojobro OF

    mines on limited use only what am i able to spend it at tillys or cloths stores like at the mall also am i able to use it at fast food it’s it’s on limited use only

  30. B Herron

    Can you load money onto the Netspend card with a money pak reload?

  31. Tony Beigle

    What about using Netspend to receive money from sales online? Is it good for that?

  32. Gus Gill

    Can you use this card if you get government assistance in this matter GR cash.

  33. Brittany Smith

    You can overdraft netspend up to $10 and you will not be charged anything but the amount you spend. It's called a purchase cushion. The $15 overdraft charge is for anything over $10

  34. Stephen

    Its ridiculous fee plan and I have made the same international purchase for exact same amount of money and get charged not only way more than fee and international charge but 2 different dollar amounts on an exact same transaction. They love taking ur money

  35. Bonnie Maynard

    i know when you have to move so much it is impossible to get #bonniemaynard

  36. Leo leo

    How do I talk to a live person when I call this customer service for NetSpend number 18663877363. ? I didn't hear an option for it.

  37. DIY Overhauler

    I've been using it since 2009. I'm satisfied with it

  38. Lil Mike.

    Can you use Redbox with this card

  39. Turhan Ruffin

    Do not invest in this card. This card charge a 2.00 fee for a simple gas purchase. I suggest that everyone look at a better option than netspend. Don't be a sucker! Fees will rob you…

  40. Neil Dougherty

    its called a bank are people really this stupid

  41. Heaven Casey

    Does Netspend ask for your social security number before activating your card?

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