Relief From Unexpected Expenses | Dan's CashNetUSA Success Story


See how CashNetUSA helped Dan when an unexpected expense caught him off guard.

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My name’s Dan. I live here in New Orleans. I’m a special education teacher. I was driving home from work one day and on the way home,
a deer ran out in front of me. And unfortunately I hit it. I was so worried because the unfortunate thing about the COVID crisis is a lot of the teachers have second jobs. And unfortunately I lost my second job. Wasn’t able to pay for some of my bills. I had to help pay for some my mom’s bill, she’s retired.

I looked online. I was looking at loans that could match my needs. And the thing with CashNet was is that it was really easy to get held of and it was the one that was most accommodating, given the COVID crisis that we’re in right now.

It was as simple as scanning in a document here and there, putting in the application and making a phone call real quick. What CashNet did is they did a credit line versus just this lump sum. I felt really relieved because I knew I was gonna able to get my car back. I was gonna be able to continue on getting what I need to get done. It really gave me that sense of not only confidence, but security, knowing that I was able to rely on this CashNet in order to meet my needs in that emergency situation.



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