Support During Life's In-Betweens | Bill's CashNetUSA Success Story


See how CashNetUSA helped get Bill where he needed to be.

Customer was compensated for sharing their story.

My name is Bill. I live in Louisiana. I’m a retired computer engineer.

I needed funds to go to another state, and take care of my daughter. She was gonna have to have an operation, and her husband would not be able to take off to take care of her, so I needed some funds to get gasoline, expenses. The things of that nature that I would incur, while I was gone. So, that was the reason that I initially contacted CashNet.

It was very simple. No stress or anything whatsoever about it. CashNet has an option every day that, if you need a loan, if you apply before 10:30 in the morning, you will have your funds the same day, and I liked that option.

So, my experience with repayment, it is very easy. They send me an advanced notice of how much my payment is each month, and when they had received the funds after they have debited,

I get a receipt from them. I felt relieved, especially when I was approved, that they would do for me what I needed, and that we’d have a good working relationship. Makes me feel like they appreciate me as much as I appreciate them.



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