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Comments: 30
  1. Sandi Nor Cal Momma 1978 on tiktok

    Just subbed! Great info!

  2. hungcardin on telegram

    👆🏽 👆🏽
    Nice dealing with 👆🏽⬆️👆🏽and thanks for the credit card he is very legit and trustworthy.

  3. Andrew's Travel Update


  4. Brion J

    I applied and got approved for 2500. Pretty straightforward process. They’ll run your transunion report and ask you to verify your banking information by logging into your online banking. After about 24 hours you will get a decision. The payments are a little high but the advantage is that you can leverage them by using experian boost to report your payments to the CB every month. It’s not the best loan terms but if you’re in a pinch and have to make a big purchase it can help out. Thank you credit plug for dropping gems for everyone with every kind of credit.


    This is great. Can you point me to more videos for fixing bad credit?

  6. Danielle Ruth

    Doesn’t work for New Jersey 😞

  7. Ms OhSoSolo

    I missed this one.
    Not interested but if I’m glad you shared the details with us.
    Thanks 🙏🏾

  8. Mary Jackson

    They pull from TransUnion

  9. Mary Jackson

    OMG it was a hard inquiry too 😩

  10. Mary Jackson

    I don’t think they approve me 🙄 they said we need more time

  11. Endur Ex

    Dude! I didn't hear you mention it being a hard pull

  12. MandaeLee

    So I am in effort to do at least 10 but I am confused about this simultaneous send both application in at the same time and reducing the number of inquiries to get approved

  13. Shawn Seeman

    Hey just wanted to let you know I just applied yesterday and they don’t just run you through 3rd party credit check they also ran me through TransUnion and I got a hard pull from it. They ran clarity and TransUnion if you need I can email you a screenshot of their decision and it will show you. Hope it helps and if there is any other way I can help the credit plug let me know. I have not yet got any new credit since watching but I have likely avoided a lot of bad places and learning a lot. Thanks

  14. Jojo Wave

    Amazing content bro!!!!!

  15. Marty Foreman

    There not operating in Colorado yet

  16. Ewealth 360

    I ❤️❤️❤️Amazon Best Sellers

  17. sarah vance

    My credit score moved from 150 to 700 in just a week thanks @anonymous_backpage on Instagram this guy can hack and fix anything ❤️

  18. Vada

    Just checked out the website, Not available in New Jersey or PA.

  19. Don Lyfe

    Hopefully it helps someone, but I’d suggest to stay away from this especially since it doesn’t report positive payments to the credit bureaus.

  20. Jersey Carter76

    Just applied and got approved! Wow

  21. Devin Gray

    It is in California. I had that loan. I took it out because of a freak accident on the freeway. Yeah the fees are high. Just pay it off ASAP. I would’ve done that but I lost my job like two weeks later.

  22. David OQuinn

    No the pull from tran-Union just got a denial letter from them

  23. Water Fountains of Arizona

    Hi Credit Plug can you do a video on Mountain America Credit Union. Thank You 🙏🏼

  24. Will Betts

    I did it last year and I'm still paying this down! I can't lie it helped me at the time but I wouldn't use them again.

  25. Agency Humana

    Go shop with@darkframe02 on telegram he is the best imhe have been helping me with card for about three months,

  26. J S Clayborn

    NOT APPROVED…. I meet all of the qualifications with a 810 credit score… DECLINED…. NOT A GOOD DEAL… MOVING ON

  27. Shawana Bailey

    Can I suppress my information on clarity?

  28. Sedrick Martin

    I wasn't approve because things on credit but they looked at my TransUnion and i know my trans need to be work on

  29. CozyTV

    Available in specific states

  30. Cornell Lowery

    They Pull From Transunion Fam…

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