Hey guys I would like to tell you a little about my #NetCreditReview. I really think Net Credit is a fairly decent place. I feel over my years of going through these Credit places #NetCredit is fair. Some #CreditLenders make you pay a percentage of the money you have every two weeks or weekly depending on your #loan. So I think #NetCredit is fine. So here’s my #2020NetCredit review personal loan personal loans netcredit personal loan



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  1. Loreal

    I applied through a letter sent via mail. I was approved for a ($550.00) credit limit

    I noticed once approved I downloaded the app and logged in. It said I had a starting fee of ($82.50). It didn’t tell me that prior to applying for the loan
    So now I own ($682.00) oppose to ($550.00)

    Also, if it’s a (Credit Line) why are they depositing the money into my chase bank checking account? Shouldn’t a credit line be on a separate card?

  2. Icy Rhoades

    Sounds like a loan for SUCKERS.. If you have to borrow money, that means you don't any other source to get it. Other words your broke. Why put yourself in a worse spot. Don't do it..

  3. Keem

    I was preapproved for $8,500 but have been waiting on a final approval since Monday is this bad?

  4. David Rizzo

    Thank you for doing this video! Much appreciate it!

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