Beyond Immediate Financial Help | Candice's CashNetUSA Success Story


See what Candice did to take control of her finances.

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My name is Candice, I am 35 years old. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have one child. His name is Corey. He’s four years old.

At the time I was pretty young. I was staying my mom, our house caught on fire. And so we had to, you know leave and go stay in an apartment. At the time I was like, I’m not even bringing home enough to, you know, pay bills. I need some type of extra money. So that’s when I seeked out CashNetUSA.

I chose CashNet over the other options because they tell you up front, you know how…
You know how are you going to pay it back? They also gave discounts. From my experience other companies didn’t offer that.

When I took a loan with CashNet at first I was nervous. I was like, I pray I’d be able to pay this back. When I came up to having an issue with paying back, you know, I called a representative and when I did, I had a really great experience. They were very nice and helpful.

Now I’m a little more mature wanting to make sure I get my credit together especially being that I have a child now. But they do offer the line of credit. It kind of gives me a relief now knowing that I do have them, you know, on the side in case I need some extra funds.

They were definitely able to help me in the way that I needed it to.



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