CA EDD Income Verification If You Were Paid In Cash and Have No Documentation


Ca EDD income verification if you were paid in cash and have no documentation – what should you do?

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Comments: 27
  1. Ginny Silver - Business Coach for Creatives

    THIS VIDEO IS A YEAR OLD – please view the *NEWEST INFO HERE:*

  2. Xiaojun Zhan

    Hi Ginny. Thank you for the helpful information. If I don’t have a job in 2019 but started working part time in January 2020. But the business was closed due to Covid in March. I don’t have tax return for 2019 but I do have 1099 form for 2020. What should I provide to the EDD?

  3. Muhammad Ali

    I start work a week before pandemic, I was self employed I have only business licance. As a proof of self employment business address and number of manager I already provide when I apply for benefits,

  4. Dee Jay

    I think I’m in love, you are awesome.

  5. Mcdonald

    Back in October I got approved for like 2500 …. Cause by September I stop receiving unemployment.. I reapplied I even the letter .. I no longer qualified , even till now the balance of 2500 still appear on the ui 357$ it said to contact a tier 2 that was October.. I call I finally got an answer in n January they told me I no longer qualified…. Not even for unemployment.. to me it feels weird .. does anyone feel used? It seems like if they were laundering money… Tru us. The best moment when I caught the bank of America on their fraud…

  6. What Now

    Hi Ginny, A class action suit is taking place I believe in Chicago. Sacramento should do the same.

  7. lepewed68

    so what about if your got paid via paypal but dont have a registered business can u use the affidavte and along with the paypal payment as proof of income?

  8. Laraedo Lopez

    What if ur self employment began in January 2021 and only received cash payment

  9. Michael Ferry

    If your weekly end benefits payment was 167.00 is that subject to being considered an overpayment??

  10. Unity Planet

    I filed taxes for 2020 with schedule C but uploading 35 pages does not work. There no help or support. I had originally asked for extension. Foreign person suggested extended indefinite time to upload. A woman with very thick accent from another country who was the edd person I was connected to promised that I had an indefinite amount of time to learn to upload and gather my 35 plus pages tax document. Then Storm hit no power no phone no to internet no car for 20 days and still counting. Got web finally and that's why I am sharing. When ignorant innocence is penalized and true fraudsters get away free. It's the few real fraudster s who need to be investigated. Not honest good us citizens who really do want work, safe housing, water and food. $4,000 year gross does not make it and now requiring payback of 90 percent plus penalty and interest. This is so deadly health wise. Stress, being assumed guilty when one is innocent is deadly to wellness

  11. Michael Moon

    If you were paid in cash, you can pay IRS but it doesn't solve the PUA requirement for cash received with a receipt. Self-employment needs a license too plus tax evasion if you file your tax for many years.

  12. Vy Nguyen

    Hi Ginny, My employer supposed to pay me $1500 in 2019 for the services I provided to him in November and December 2019 , in fact, I received the payment in 2020 , so and filed it in 2020 income tax . How can I prove this with EDD about PUA's required document ? Thank you for your help

  13. FlyONWire

    If your net profit or loss is more than $300 you have to file taxes even if you're doing side cash gig jobs!
    Don't make the same mistake I made and wait 4 years to report taxes for all of those four years I did side gigs. More work than necessary and lost of hard earned money.

    The IRS can trace any deposits you made and add interest and penalties to any amount you didn't report and surprise you in a few years.
    Log your earnings and report them!

  14. Vintech 64

    EDD should have asked for these documents up front. How stupid is EDD.

  15. FlyONWire

    wow, does this mean that I have to go back and claim every single penny I made if I made $400 or more in a given year?
    that would be a lot of work.
    It's scary to think that the IRS can come nocking at your door for $500 bucks or more you made 5 years ago cutting grass just to get by.

  16. FlyONWire

    are you suppose to report income from cash gigs (e.g., mowing your neighbors lawn, cleaning a house, day labor work, etc.) even if the total amount received per project is below $500?

  17. mike wetmore

    i didnot agree to provid and or given the choice or means to provide proof. every one who is affected by this to file in court for a injucntion. one million people .if one millon

  18. Jem Isa

    Is there a difference between self employment verification and income verification

  19. ScreenArts Media

    Well, the ship hits the fan. This will lower the population of California somemore as people flee the state from prosecution for fraud and tax evasion.

  20. Dal Murillo

    What if you just did not make anything because of the pandemic lockdown?

  21. Amanda & Shadow de BrIcK CiTy 209

    She's doing the most go watch Shelly's Millions.

  22. Peace & Namaste

    I don’t remember what I said I earned on my original application. How do I find out what I reported back then?

  23. Joe Sparacino

    When illegal aliens collected unemployment with a temporary social security number,did they pay income taxes?

  24. Useless Email

    Ginny, appreciate your videos…they have really helped me alot. i have a question in regards to tis video, and hoping you can advise. I am one off those self employed who were paid by cash. I had only small amount of earnings ($388, to be exact), which is the amount of earnings that i had listed on my EDD application. you mentioned in your video, that the earnings threshhold for filing self employment tax is $400+. My earnings did not meet that, thus I did not file taxes. what other means do i have to support my earnings to EDD? would grreatly appreciate your insight. thank you in advance. –n

  25. RACER 4X

    makes perfect sense now why they just passed a law to=let irs into evry ones bank accounts

  26. Life is love

    Educate kids

  27. Luis Duarte

    A lot people lied to get on PUA .🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️good luck!! imagine having 2 pay back edd money plus the extra $ they gave on top.

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