CashNet USA Commercial: Short Form DRTV


IDR Production’s long form infomercial for CashNet USA, the easiest way to get a loan for whatever you need. Interested in your own DRTV commercial, online video, or other video production? Head over to today for a consultation and to have all your question about video production and video marketing answered!

OK, you’re credit isn’t perfect. You’ve got bills to pay. And you need cash in a flash. Who can you trust? CashNetUSA.

CashNetUSA has helped over one and a half million people just like you get out of a jam and back on their feet, quickly and confidentially.

If you are approved, CashNetUSA can get you the cash you need as soon as tomorrow. That’s right. Tomorrow.

And it takes just 5 minutes to apply online. Just visit And you can stop worrying about bounced checks, overdraft fees, collection calls, or shutoffs.

There’s no need to risk your car with a title loan and you can do everything from the comfort and safety of your own home.

There are just a few requirements. You need to: Be over 18 years old, Have an active checking account and a source of income, and Have an active email account.

So what are you waiting for? Get the cash you need to pay those bills, car repairs, or whatever else you have to take care of…by tomorrow, with CashNetUSA.

Go to to apply in five minutes and, if approved, you can have the money as soon as tomorrow. Save now by using promo code GoXX at

Music End Tag: Money’s On The Way with CashNetUSA.



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  1. Jason Gobert

    It's a scam

  2. Stanley Bryson
  3. Stanley Bryson
  4. Alfred Malam

    Cash NET PIMP Black Woman USA

  5. Marsha Brown

    Cashnetusa Loan Coupon: Save 15% On Your Initial Loan Fee!

    Apply for online personal loans quickly & get cash the next business day! Choose from payday, installment, or line of credit loans!   Exp. 7/13/20

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