Finding Relief from Unexpected Expenses | Jada's CashNetUSA Success Story


See how CashNetUSA helped Jada through financial uncertainty.

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My name is Jada. I’m from New Orleans. And I am currently a flight attendant.

Before I applied for my loan with CashNet, we had just got into like coronavirus and things were really uncertain. When you have such a grip on your finances and then something traumatic hits and then you find someone who can actually help you and make sense of it all, and that’s what CashNet did for me.

I had never taken out a personal loan before. I wasn’t really familiar with the process, but CashNet made it super comfortable. Working with the CashNet app, it’s so easy. It shows you how much credit you qualify for. It shows you the due dates, how much you’re taking, the interest on it. It basically lays out everything for you in a very hands-on format.

I couldn’t see me using another company. I feel like I was able to get a grip on everything that was happening to me financially and it actually set me up to be in a better space today.



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