Houston Newsmakers with Kahmbrel Marshall – April 18, 2021


Watch Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall. This is the April 18, 2021 edition of the broadcast.




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  1. Antonjlavey

    Democrats stole the elections like there trying to steal the supreme courts. Race baiting is what Biden is good at. All this shows that Democrats are nuts and want war in this country. Honestly who shop at asian hair stores or there markets. It's not Mexicans or white people. We got our own stores….


    No wonder HTown is so jacked up. All y'all do is spread the race game hate agendas. So sad and a shame.


    More Marxist propaganda. Dan Crenshaw is an oath breaking sell out to the US Constitution. There is no gun epidemic and your talks about gun control is just more talk for people control. How can this bozo use the word constitutional right yet is seeking more infringements on the 2A? Hypocrite all of y'all! "Shall not be infringed" as it's written ends with a period. Not a comma then a "but" or an "if". Y'all Zionists can leave Texas any time. Immigration is big business. ICE and BP will lose federal revenue if they don't produce numbers. Stop the malarkey and do your jobs and fix the damn roads. House and feed homeless Veterans.

  4. John munro

    Wow so this is why peloci stold 3 billion from our Social Security to impeach President trump??? How long were we quarantined businesses closed democrats never lost one dambed check. Yet in the Sothern boarder 15% of illegalLY HAVE COVID IN TOTALLY CRAMPED PLACES. tell ME BUSINEES WOULD NOT BE CLOSEED CHURCH HOW MANY CHURCHES WERRE THREATNED BY $$$ many illegals have covid no masks and yet on our tax money flying illegals all over the country???

  5. Penelope

    Fraudulent election

  6. Rambo Bell

    We Are A Nation Of Fool's Controlled By A Group Of Demonic Demons, Divide And Conquer Is T Plan 2 Defeat "WeThePeople" We Must Fight 2 Protect Our Right's Or Die Doing Nothing, "WELCOME2COMMUNISTUSA"

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