How to Cheat the Credit Bureaus Out of an 800+ Credit Score!


Can You really cheat the credit bureaus out of an 800+ credit score? If you know the credit game then you will know how. Give us a call at 904-420-7772 to get in the Credit Game University today!



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  1. Yair Martinez

    I need help but I’m from fresno ca 559

  2. Texas Holdem

    Lol "'smash the like button' no just put your finger on it" 🤣🤣

  3. Martha Martha

    Thank you ❤️ I would like to have more information on how to get my credit up.

  4. Nano Granda

    Your teachings are amazing, and it has helped me a lot. Now of course , I'm curious , what is your Fico score. ?

  5. Carlos Vazquez

    Bro your a beast💪

  6. charles ingram

    I Have Need The Program.. How Do I Get It ???

  7. Videos To Views

    We still are going to SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON!

  8. All Things Dee

    How long do the trade lines stay on your credit report?

  9. Elizabeth Mcelrath

    Mike your awesome help me out here I need my credit fix so bad

  10. Elizabeth Mcelrath

    You really won me how do I sign up for this help please

  11. Jessica Johnson

    New subbie , thanks for the info bro.

  12. Michelle Baumgardner

    I just fell in love with the credit game

  13. Lady Diamond

    Can someone please tell me the hours to call, I truly need this help.

  14. Fred Yepez

    How can I get the software you mentioned in this video?

  15. Kyahzworld

    I need the help

  16. Van Murphy

    ok where do I get this personal address update form or do I send a letter? If so, is there a template for this letter? Please confirm. I love your channel.

  17. DyAndrea Simmons

    How much for credit repair

  18. Efren Hernandez

    I just came in the states a couple of months ago and have no credit. Is there anything you can do for me?

  19. PrinceCapoDon

    I am ready to make this move I've been waiting for this to come through

  20. Robert Smith Jr.

    Can you please help me with my credit please

  21. Suzy DuBois

    I’m interested how do I sign up to clean my credit up please!

  22. Florence Opoku

    Wow! Awesome 👏

  23. Quinn Allen

    Put me in the game im trying to buy a house and a multi family income house bro

  24. Bianca

    You just won me over! You just spoke the whole truth. How do I sign up???

  25. Savage Facts

    Im trying to understand i have got a few things knocked off,got a couple falling off in a couple months,1 that i have to pay regardless my credit is like a 530 something. Following all this trying to get in the 700s at least

  26. Real Eyes Realize

    I just wanted to take a minute and say YOU ROCK SIR. Thank you

  27. Budget With JoJo

    Mike I need your help can you
    Help please I need to work on my credit

  28. Mecia Jackson

    How do I get yo tradeline info

  29. Veronda Jeffries

    Honestly I can benefit from your help

  30. 2014 Mf

    Hi, my brother credit 800 something so he can add me to his cards and I can improve my credit score ? I didn’t know that . But he is selfish lmao 😂🙄

  31. Norris Weaver

    How do I get into your credit repair course?

  32. Shary Huckerman

    I need at tradeline, for 75 off please contact me

  33. David Fishbeck

    Do you have a website I can visit?

  34. Aaron Bergman

    How do we get a hold of you guys to get some credit repair actually known because that would be awesome my old beat up truck is on it’s last legs

  35. Van R

    Can I get your course.

  36. Deplorables AreGoingNowhere!

    I had a bad period last year and fixed it. I then paid the entire card off.I have 7608 and 771. trying to reach 800.

  37. Tarralyn Collado

    I need help, if possible?! The current agency I’m with helped a bit but costs me so much and they ended up messing with my only credit card I had to where I no longer have it 😞 I can only afford so much. Is there possibility to help my credit score??

  38. Teedoe


  39. Jason Miller

    My credit score has been stuck in the 772 range for some time. Never missed a payment ether. I think it's the hard inquires that are keeping it down. I keep them paid off all the time my discover card has a 3k limit. I paid it off monthly and use it for the cash back.

  40. gilbert smith

    How does your program work? What can you remove from credit report? On average how many points on average does a persons score raise

  41. Lenore J Greed

    Brother, how please help me get this done. I'd hook you up brother!

  42. Lenore J Greed

    If I had an unlimited card dude I'd flip 100 K in a month on crypto and pay it back. Holly shit

  43. Pamela Ward

    How do I get a trsdeline?

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