How to Overcome Financial Embarrassment


There is no pride when you have to pay the rent.

That’s the first thing I learned when I went out on my own. This fact intensified painfully when I started supporting my family.

You get a safety net that includes your parents, friends, or extended family. Then that falls back to banks and credit cards. Then your last line of defense, payday loans and pawnshops. If you’ve ever walked into a pawn shop or a home equity loan, there tends to be a feeling of embarrassment or failure that accompanies it.

“How did I get here?”

“Why did that happen to me?”

“Why does it cost $ 500 or more to fix something that messes up my car?”

Do you sound familiar? Well I’m here to tell you, this is life. Expect bad things to happen, and trust me, no one is immune. Sometime in the life of all things sucks. You have 2 choices: look at it as a challenge to win or throw in the towel. I’ve never touched a guy’s type much, so here are some tips.

Leave embarrassment at the door

What looks like other people doesn’t matter. Let me repeat that, What looks like in front of other people doesn’t matter!

Your neighbors, your family, your friends, your children’s teachers, the postman, I really don’t care who it is. These people don’t pay your bills or support your family, YOU ARE!

If you are not willing to sacrifice some dignity and pride, you have chosen the wrong planet to live. Every situation I’ve ever gotten into, I kept repeating these words over and over in my head, “The worst thing they can do is say no”. Seriously, that’s the worst they can do. If they say no, just say “Thank you,” and go back. No one has ever been arrested for questioning.

Be Beautiful

This is such a simple thing, but you’ll be amazed at how many people can’t do it. Something you have to remember, everyone likes to deal with someone understanding, patient and polite. The people behind the counter are people, just like you. They have their own lives and being frustrated with them will not solve any of your problems. In general I have found that the more beautiful I am, and the easier it is for me to do it on them, the more they lean back to accommodate me. More days to pay, staying open 5 minutes later because I was late, all because I was nice. It always seemed strange to me to argue with someone who lends me money.

Always return phone calls

This one is along with being beautiful. If you haven’t paid anything, not talking to your lender only makes things worse. In my experience, they are always ready to work out something with you. When they never hear from you, they start a drastic action. I was working in automotive collections when I started my career. It would never fail. I would call a man for 2 months and never talk to them. Guess what happened after their car was picked up? They couldn’t call me fast enough. Avoiding the problem only made it worse. If they called and worked out arrangements, they would probably still be driving their car. Contrary to what some people think, car lenders DON’T WANT YOUR CARD! The average loss of setback is $ 5000.00. They would much rather you drive on and pay for your car.

Hopefully these tips will help you mentally prepare yourself to deal with everything that comes your way financially. I found that inner strength outweighs outer strength every day of the week.



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