I Can't Pay My Payday Loans


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Comments: 50
  1. Matt S

    I don't understand why she got the loan in the first place? Must be shopping to fill the emptiness she fells, like an addiction.

  2. Tully

    I've never paid fees on my pay day loans ??? I owed $117 on one and payed it at $117 months later

  3. tmUSA

    I’m glad she found Dave. ❤️

  4. crow

    Poor girl.
    Her parents failed miserably.

  5. Candace Starr

    I need the class free omg

  6. Elliott's Lab

    If she’s shopping that much I bet she’s got a lot of stuff to sell

  7. Jayson P. Asis

    These EFkeng payday loans and STUPID debt consolidation companies should have not been legalized to begin with… I feel so sorry for the people who fall for this.

  8. Kent Nauman

    Most of ramsey callers are low class loosers, how can they be so stupid

  9. m a cummings

    I love daddy Dave! 🥰🥰🥰

  10. Gavin Locke

    Payday loans are meant to get People deeper in debt.
    Great to see Dave Ramsey teachng the world of how these loans work.

  11. Emily Elisabeth

    I love when Ramsey goes into Papa Dave mode

  12. Matthew Policano

    Shame on you. You are lying and giving false info. Its not 800% interest

  13. random 4815

    0:43 "Good Lord!" 😂😂😂

  14. Paul man

    Teaching people to fish = SOUNDS BIBLICAL 🔥

  15. Dorian Gray

    "How much is your car worth?"

    Welp, I guess we know where this is going 😂

  16. Nancy B

    Payday loan companies survive because people miss their payments.

  17. bobbin321

    Dave: Hey Natalia, how are you?
    Natalia: I'm well, you?
    Dave: Nuh-tuh-LEE-a? I'm sorry I said your name wrong.

    Dave has some hearing issues.

  18. Jake Alden

    I'm amazed how many people pause when Dave asks them how much they make. Most of these people have no idea of their own monthly or yearly income. That's the first problem.

  19. Rusty MU

    I love dave, but this call just bother me so much! She is Soooooo behind the line and she deserve all this consequences

  20. The Man

    Just keeps getting better and better lol

  21. Erfan Moshtagh

    she is going to ignore this and get another payday loan

  22. V95 Aaaap

    WAIT what’s the point of a payday loan if you don’t have rent or a car payment ?!?!?!? That’s dumb af the only reason to go there is if you’re car is about to me taken or you’re going to be homeless.

  23. Nathaniel Coffin

    I don't like what you implied about leaches. leaches don't charge interest.

  24. whoiskevinjones

    If she follows this advice I'll bet she will be earning twice as much in a year.

  25. Real Reviews


  26. Russell Pottenger

    Dave’s a good man.

  27. Ronnie Howard

    Dave s hilarious "you heard me" 😂😂

  28. chengmunwai

    Learning this lesson at a young age will do her good.

  29. Kia Harper

    Need her dad to step up there and stop her when she starts to make mistakes…

  30. Symlex Brn

    One was shut down here in the UK and all victims were written off

  31. nycdweller

    I gotta open a payday place when I retire

  32. jvolstad

    If you are hungry, go see your Pastor. "Let's see now, have you been tithing?"👎😣

  33. Michelle Burney

    Iam going through this right now. Same amount

  34. Chris Brown

    Dave Ramsey
    Money advice first
    Dad second
    Probably entertainer third

  35. Miketheyung God

    Payday loans are a great solution for emergencies. We are here to help you. Stop in one today. You won’t regret it. 🥰.

  36. Colt 45

    Dave has much more patients then I. 😂 I hope she cleared it up and never looked back.

  37. Donald Richey

    What Dave does helps break the poverty cycle. People need to learn how to live within their means. This is how wealth is built.

  38. shola

    Need an update on this call.

  39. Craig Bryan

    Wheres her parents? How do young ppl get this lost?

  40. Coolahh Kelly

    I wish I would've seen this before I got a loan smh. The Coronavirus really messed me up and I was desperate.

  41. Alexei Von Carstein

    I believe payday loans are illegal here in Alaska

  42. Daniel F

    You’re forgetting her IPhone 24 and $150 cell phone bill

  43. Ben Vo

    Those payday loans are ridiculous. I would never get a loan from them


    Thanks Dave for all your advices, you shined my way out of debt, I getting out step by step. I trying spend less and less but I invested buying one of your books: THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER. Thanks a lot.

  45. Timieka Maloney

    $800….Natalia please pay them people you make enough to pay that loan😫😂😂😂😂😂😂. STOP SHOPPING 😂😂😂

  46. Timieka Maloney

    Awwww Natalia! I hope God puts a blessing on her to pay this off!

  47. Gess Rinky

    Will payday lenders take a credit card? If she could get approved I would put it on a cc and pay that off.

  48. Dantex venta

    She sounds bored . She probably spends to fill a void ,I’ve been there ,something is lacking . It’s very hard to change and she doesn’t sound too convinced however she’s trying and that’s the first step for change

  49. Andrew

    I almost went to work corporate for one of these lenders, they pay a premium because no one wants to do it…

  50. Brian Krouch

    Let's put Dave and some payday lenders on the Jerry Springer Show and watch Dave kick their back sides. It would be the best show ever.

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