My friend Becca in a CashNetUSA Commercial


My friend Becca is the brown haired girl in this commercial! I knew she moved out to California to be in the entertainment world…and then when I was sitting on my friend Vicki’s couch in Astoria, NY, she came on the TV screen and I basically screamed, “I KNOW THAT GIRL!” Luckily, it was one of those fancy pants cable systems that you can rewind, and double lucky I had my handy dandy trusty iPhone for the job of capturing and chopping up this little gem of a clip. Wish you the best, Becca!

If you need an actress for anything, hit her up:
She also sings like an angel.



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  1. BW Wells
  2. sal vatore

    I second that motion

  3. cori brown

    I think your friend Becca is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to tell her I'm a huge fan.

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