Pooh Shiesty's Reaction To Receiving A Life Sentence


Pooh Shiesty Facing Life In Prison (Bond Revoked)
Rapper Pooh Shiesty has gotten into some serious trouble after he was caught at a night club King Of Diamonds after a deadly altercation. Pooh Shiesty has been arrested & faces serious charges and has had his bond revoked. He’s expecting to go to trial with the viral judge Mindy handling his case.

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Comments: 36
  1. Hot Hut

    UPDATE: Pooh Shiesty's Bond Was Revoked – Mandatory 20 Year Sentence LINK: https://youtu.be/nRMV2Bk9XJg

  2. Weary Cry

    Why he got on the suit they give you when you say you gonna kill yourself.. LOoooolll


    This what I be doing in gta and he doing it in real life

  4. Simmy J

    This judge is everywhere.

  5. dirty4track

    Wow mans threw it all away like a sucka

  6. Belin Gonza

    Bullshit! I see nothing about the court case!

  7. Max Terry

    Asking a stupid person who does stupid things what they were thinking is like asking a dog why it barks. They’re stupid, they will make stupid choices over and over for the rest of their life because you cannot fix stupid.

  8. Demario Steward

    Come on pooh you robbing ppl smh you could've bought 3 McClarens smh

  9. Jefferson Martin

    I grew up loving hip hop I was born Sept 20 1986 I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s we lost tupac
    And biggie but rappers these days
    Die from sillyness all the times
    There so sensitive if you diss them there kill you so fast they can't take competition I would not
    Want to be a rapper in this era
    I would rather be a rapper iñ the 90s

  10. Josiah Desameau

    these rappers are from the hood with no fathers think about that

  11. Andre Jackson

    They got em on a suicide jacket 😳🤦🏾‍♂️ son going through it in there 🤷🏾‍♂️😔 dam poo stay solid

  12. Jane doe

    Wouldn't be surprised all this bs was not by coincidence

  13. Joseph Murray

    Think hes gonna be some kind of boss in prison?? Real life his boys not there he gonna be payin for protection or hoed out

  14. johnny hernandez

    Looks like Pooh made booboo 😙

  15. Tae Lucciano

    He never got sentenced 😐

  16. Yeah Bell

    Y’all act like ppl can just walk away from the streets, they always loooking over their shoulders

  17. vedo 82

    I know he cried many nights after getting a life sentence damn🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️👯 free shiesty 🙏🙏🙏 damn my nigga

  18. Financial Creator

    Damn he lost his money though were the justice for him getting his momey taken

  19. Luh Jit

    Fuck prison fuck cops fuck YouTube fuck you , go get some money today sun finna come up :)

  20. Nathi Nachoz

    Nah that Pooh ND Kodak thing squashed long ago

  21. NickKey

    He was cursed at birth being named Pooh

  22. Yarri

    Wen u get famous then u got to give that butt away in prison for life he went from having everything to getting touched by a cell mate for commissary wen his money run out. And who cares who started the money poses first the rapper guys be tryna act like they invent stuff why don’t they invent good causes and stop holding guns and making ppl look bad

  23. Milla Meta SouthPhill215

    He gonna be sittin for a min dumb ass rappers 🥱

  24. 177choi

    Stupid is as stupid does

  25. Howard Blue

    He did that to himself

  26. skalawatz

    Yeah you might wanna take Fred’s pic down. Unless you’re counting him getting killed by covid. Stop posting false info you culture culture.

  27. Pacific Northwest Genetics

    😂🤣 lol you automatically assume he doesn't have a permit for a gun? 🤣 you need to read the 2nd amendment, you can have a firearm without a permit. However it is illegal to carry it concealed without a permit in most states (but the action of concealing it is illegal nothing else)

    And the biggest illegal part you never mentioned! Lol it is highly!! Illegal to bring firearms into a club serving alcohol, like bars too

  28. Mojo

    Why do people care about these clowns? Bring back real hip hop. It’s like they’re trying to completely destroy the culture just to see who will be the last man standing. Foolish and selfish.

  29. Puppets Show


  30. Alex To go

    Permit or not. Means squat unless you carry a ccw. Anyone can get a permit.

  31. 👑 King Ray Lamar

    Dummy!!! There no guns in prison ! The rap trap is real !!!

  32. Justin Burnias

    Fk it lock up all the rapers all there shit sounds the same anyway i used to love rap and now the shit is just wack as fk

  33. sadetwizelve

    :06 Fred the godson died from covid

  34. Ryan O ́Leary

    Why is 21 savage just randomly spliced into this vid?

  35. Jason Chavez

    DaMN! another rapper gone .what talent what a future he had.now who's going to play a chipmunk in the next tim Burton film.?

  36. bradley smith

    You don’t understand fool

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