Some Top Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance Loan


Small businesses often find themselves in a monetary crisis. There are very few options in such cases. One can try to borrow money from friends or relatives but it is always a question mark. There are loan sharks but it is risky. There are other options for immediate delivery of unsecured cash.

Merchant cash advance is the best solution for small businesses like hotels, restaurants, professionals, retailers and even small manufacturers. It’s a simple deal and never makes love to friends or relatives. It’s moneyless, no questions asked. The process is relatively simple and there are minimum eligibility criteria making the best finance for small business owners. There are inherent advantages and the disadvantages are just a few. Consider the benefits of a merchant cash loan.

Fast approval, fast spending

If money is urgently needed, there is no better source than this. All you have to do is apply online, submit a request and then the process will proceed. Candidates usually receive money in their bank account within 4 days after the request if any other requirement is met.

Minimum paperwork

Unlike banks and other lending institutions that require a lot of documentation, this financial method is the easiest when it comes to paper work. One only needs to send the bank statement for the past six months, proof of business ownership and proof of identity and residence. That’s it.

Best for people with bad credit

People with bad credit may find themselves in confusion, with no one willing to even consider their request for interim funds to overcome their difficulties. If they go this way, it’s a rebuke and they’ll really be able to get on their feet. More precisely, their credit rating can be improved with the help of the appropriate lenders.

Best for companies that want to expand or launch campaigns

Traditional lenders may insist on a solid project report to show why a borrower needs funds, how they will use it, and how it will help them generate income. Small business owners rarely have the resources or want to pay a leased financial specialist to prepare such papers. In this way it helps them get money that will help them expand the business, buy equipment, modernize, renovate their retail store or launch periodic campaigns to lure customers.

No plugins

One of the best advantages that lenders like is that there is no need to submit a collateral or collateral. Just their personal word is enough to help them get much needed money.

Easy refunds

MCA refunds are usually tied as a percentage of the daily credit card sales. One can just as well opt for a fixed monthly repayment. In the first case, the repayment amount is low if sales are slow and higher if sales are high. In any case, repayment is extended for one year and by that time the borrower may have wisely used the money to increase income.


The only disadvantages are that the factor index is high from 1.2 to 1.5, which means the interest rate from 20% to 50%. But then, an unsecured loan is always expensive. Another factor is that the company should exist for at least about a year with a minimum turnover of $ 10000. These are small negligences.

The MCA advantages far outweigh the small disadvantages.



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