The Trump Collusion You Haven't Heard About


A company that defrauded customers but only got a slap on the wrist from the Trump administration also made a large donation to the president’s 2017 inaugural committee.

Last month, Enova International, an online payday lender that operates the brands NetCredit and CashNetUSA, agreed to pay a $3 million fine for illegally taking money from customers’ bank accounts and failing to honor loan extensions. But the settlement included no refunds for the victims…

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Comments: 21
  1. Dickbeard the Merciless

    lol saudigate

  2. Alkis05

    The emoluments clause was probably not there to protect against corruption. It's probably to protect national security.
    I don't remember any constitutional protection specifically against corruption.

  3. BluntMaster PR

    Sorry but Democrats will not talk about it because they are in it too lol

  4. JD

    There is no evidence that muller did not find any evidence of collision. Insufficient evidence to justify indictment is not the same as no evidence. Let’s see what the report says before making claims there is no evidence

  5. Norman White

    Literally every politician is corrupt in the way you are describing Trump. That’s not a defence of Trump but it’s a fact. And it is worth mentioning that democrats are more corrupt then republicans generally speaking. They gutted our industry with free trade, they support mass migration that lowers the wages of the working class and they support harming the middle class by artificially increasing crime and they openly call for gun laws that will disarm the working middle class. They also literally have super delegates and they rigged a primary.

  6. Potecasu Ioan

    Wow, my good sir, your logic is infallible as your sense of style. But I digress; at 02:20 you said Trump received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to give Saudis Billions in deals and other facilities. Hmm, I guess you are either not good with money or just can't comprehend how bad of a deal that is for Trump to be plausible! If you had said at least millions that would be more credible, but come on, do you really think some spare change will tempt Trump to throw presidency of the window? At 03:50 you said "a lot of money" … a lot for who? give a number or even better a win/loss assessment of those golf shenanigans or whatever it was or shut up. You are dumb as a block of wood if you think Trump will move a finger for just 1mil. UDS.
    As for the lending, there is one rule: don't like it don't buy it. Did you ever concur that maybe, just maybe, Trump doesn't think is the government place to intervene in a contract between two eligible parts and that is why he dropped that case? In the country I live in we have the same problem with the non-financial crediting institutes and personally, I don't think it is the government job to restrict that loaner just because some idiots haven't read the contract or they didn't understand them.



  8. Nick Z

    Nothing says “I’m innocent” like fighting against a 400 page report that supposedly exonerates you.

  9. Na Na

    Anyone that takesa payday loan has to read the paperwork and make a deal to get the money. It is called being an adult. I feel nothing for them. A lobby giving a billionaire a million dollars in business is a joke. I support Saudi genocide. I support Israeli military actions. I just wish Trump would stop the additional wars Obama started and get to the end of the other two Bush started. Let Russia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia handle the middle east with our weapons

  10. Luis Murrell

    And name me ONE president or senator from either party that has NOT engaged in this type of collusion.

  11. Ronnie Silkworth

    first of all kyle it doesn’t say there was no evidence of collusion found. here’s the direct quote “the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities” do you know what that means? it means evidence was found. but not a preponderance of evidence to bring forth any charges. very different. kyle you’re part of the problem. there’s evidence of collusion just not enough to bring forth chargers. this happens daily in the american court system. if you don’t correct your statement i will unsubscribe.

  12. Brittany C

    You can impeach the president without removing them from office, what's the real harm in impeachment?

  13. John Dixon

    Kyle, I don't understand how this can be pinned to Trump. Legitimately. Isn't this a legislation issue? Is it that he just signed a bill put forward from Congress?

  14. LiquidTang

    I dunno, I for one am looking forward to our new orange overlord

  15. Thankmar

    I turn videos off when they misinform us about Muellers conclusions. There are a lot on the left who take russan money and know that news of russian sponsorship would ruin political careers and left wing controlled opposition like this show and they just want the russian story dropped

  16. Cameron Loomis

    'Trump Presidential Corruption Museum' 2039. 1st exhibit is Russiagate and all of the elderly onlookers are camped out in front of it for hours while they're being pulled on by their kids to move on to the next exhibit.

  17. 武松打虎

    Still digging, you morons at TYT …

  18. Nico Steffen

    The world laughs about USA!
    While most others overcame the past, the americans still is in the wild west times!
    Look at turkey for example thats how you will end!

  19. Monki D Luffi

    So let me get this straight, you’re claiming that this is the real collusion nobody talks about, yet you admit this is probably not illegal because the parties involved don’t really need to communicate to conspire. So you have basically conceded that it is possible to collude without proof of conspiracy. Barr’s summary did NOT quote muller on collusion but on charges that raise to the level of conspiracy. We do know there was collusion, we don’t know to what extent because the Muller report is NOT out and until then I’m sorry to say but Kyle, you’re dropping the ball hard on this topic. Muller would have probably reached the same conclusions if he were to investigate this so called paylender collusion scandal.

  20. James Fox

    @SecularTalk – WHAT Report ? HAVE YOU SEEN ONE ? Oh – you Mean The SUMMARY FROM A TRUMP EMPLOYEE ? Thats REAL Fucking FUNNY !!!
    dont be an Idiot Taking Up the Torch For This Administration !
    Barr`s Summary Is NOT THE REPORT
    ANY BY WHOM`s Admittance Came the Reveal of a SO CALLED Release of This ALLEGED Report ( ? ) hmmm ,
    i See Many IDIOTS Biting at an EMPTY ASS HOOK !!!

  21. Maximilien Robespierre

    Why isn't Rachel M talking about this?

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