This Man Finds Safe Containing $7.5MILLION Inside Storage Unit He Bought For $500


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Comments: 26
  1. GigiGisele

    I can't make sense of the amount of the cash…!

  2. The Heat Is On

    The moment you see safes in a storage unit,remain calm,keep quite,and get it the f**k up out of there swiftly and smoothly,rule number 1,move in silence.

  3. Donna Mabon

    I would not put this on u tube

  4. Arakel Zakaryan

    This story proves that lack has noting to do with the brain’s!

  5. Hit 👉DARKHUB43 👈On Telegram

    👆👆👆I’m so happy I came across you I enjoyed my cc and fraud Bible purchase from you and clone card thanks for walking me through each step it really a blessing meeting you dude…

  6. Clay Hodge

    Should've kept your mouth shut

  7. John Boyle

    you got to find yourself "Jerry the banker"….grease him with 1.5M of your "hard earned" money……being very careful not to do business with a "Seidelbaum" …but make sure you leave yourself an "out"…get 5 good sized PVC pipes with the caps for the ends and roll 100K in cash in each pipe and bury them in a place only YOU would know….also, buy bitcoin and take it offline and store it safely…that way, if you go to jail or whatever, at least you will have some start up cash when you get out!…thats a no brainer!

  8. Naji

    I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND why "JOE" announced his personal business & handled his business in frnt of everyone?? It never benefits u to tell your biz!!🥊🥊

  9. Rosemary Williams

    The dumbest person I've heard of, You don't post stuff like that on social media, Big Dummy

  10. Scott

    Who the FUCK finds 7 million in a storage unit, and then tells everyone about it?!?!

  11. Gray Wolf

    He was a real stupid turd to post on the media all tgat money and thinking about giving some money back when he legally bought it and it was his,cops show up I would have said you got a warrent get lost,leave now!!

  12. Danai Saunders

    I wouldn't have said nothing to nobody…. SMDH…

  13. Donovan McIntosh

    Dumb fool , should have kept his big mouth shut and not tell ANYONE! Money talks…..🧠🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️💰💸💷💳

  14. Justin Shoats

    Those are old bills so he could have even sold them for even more

  15. RipCity

    Too bad the biden administration will put a big wrench into these people who try to keep their mouth shut.

  16. Vincent Mitchell

    These people talk to damn much. My wife wouldn't have known about this finding. 👌

  17. Abigail Lovering

    If that was me kept the lot its got be said what person would just leave and forget 7.5 mil finders keepers loses weepers

  18. Darnell King

    There's Dummies and then there's Dumb Ass Dummies mixed with Jack Ass Dummies, this Guy is All of the Above. I wouldn't have told my Mama and putting it on Social Media probably would've got my Throat Cut or Head Blown Off by every Tom Dick and Harry including some of my Relatives 😠😡😠😡 Moral of the Story > Keep Your Damn Mouth Shut.

  19. Ioan Bota

    I wil like to be Lucky like him

  20. Tanner Herzman

    IRS has entered the chat..

  21. Adeleke : Ddoncarder on Telegram De goat

    ⬆️He's like God sent, have never regret every step you thought me🙏, I don't believe at first but thanks for your patience✅✅

  22. Me Yes

    How do you forget about 7.5 million of yours? SO much that you dont even pay the storage unit …….. Insane .

  23. ReapeRayne

    The moral of the story don't post pictures of this shit or your bitch of a girlfriend that can't keep her bitch mouth shut just don't say much of anything just keep it and spend or be wise with your cash findings

  24. Facist,commie,marxist its all Nazism

    If it was me you would have never heard this story. Gone.

  25. Timbuktu G

    Why in the hell would you expose this money. You find it keep your mouth shut!!


    I happen to know who this person, I follow him on FB, and on YouTube

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