Top 10 Scary Cryptid Sightings


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Top 10 Scary Cryptid Sightings
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Cryptids are creatures whose existence has not been proved science. But they are also creatures that have not been Disproved by science. These mainly stem from folklore, which is why you will probably see some familiar names on this list. Some of these sightings that we are about to talk about are pretty terrifying.
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  1. MostAmazingTop10

    What is your favourite character in the Star Trek Universe?

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  2. Future Time Traveller

    "upright canine cryptid" ..oh you mean a werewolf…okay

  3. Youtuber’s Digest

    I miss Abby’s videos

  4. Tristen White

    Karen's are definitely cryptids

  5. travis moore

    What about strange shadows, they don't look like anything but they run and hide in the shadows and look very angular. They look almost like black goo walking or crawling.

  6. حسين بغدادي

    So orang pendek is basically a midget bigfoot

  7. حسين بغدادي

    Lol I'm pretty sure the goat man is one of Satan's forms or his true form

  8. حسين بغدادي

    I thought wampus beast said the wappus beast

  9. حسين بغدادي

    Oh I think I relate to the night watchers because I usually stay awake and watch people sleep or watch people in general don't ask questions

  10. حسين بغدادي

    So u saying I'm a cryptid in real life because I look like one of them

  11. Michael Bryan

    I like this host shes adorable and easy voice to listen to !

  12. Trucker247

    The nightcrawler is real.

  13. Kenny

    "Sturgeon-like body'. Hmm. Maayyybbe just a sturgeon then.

  14. Therealpizzagod_Roblox

    7:14 that was the pope lick monster that was not goat man

  15. Mr Willyum

    That's not mothman. That's jeepers creepers. Lol

  16. Just some Dragon With internet connection

    The nightcrawlers are funny

  17. Noah Gaming

    These were scary

  18. Maria Sanchez

    I could never get into star trek but I do believe that there are supernatural creatures out there.

  19. Some Canadian

    Could punt the F out of the night walkers

  20. maxoo


  21. lol m8


  22. MrjellySamich

    Thank you!

  23. devora_melo


  24. Le Medic

    if Cryptids are creatures that is not proven to exist then my dad is one

  25. Waylongael1023

    Scp foundation: allow us to introduce our creatures!

  26. dingusmylinguz


  27. TR0V


  28. Kool Hwhip

    3:00 my turd in the toilet after holding it in for 2 weeks

  29. David Jakiela

    Still waiting for Mr crepid to meet Mr 12 ga

  30. Thaloch: predacon: savage Raiden

    Moth man mite actually be kaiju Solomon from nes Godzilla creepypasta just looking out for us

  31. Anne Jones

    Wouldn't a dog man be a lycan or a werewolf? 🤔

  32. Lisa Scarrott

    Excellent really great content love it I hope you get to do top ten murder mysteries

  33. Crescent Moon Studio

    If anyone has ever seen Mountain Monsters the Wampus beast story was Willy's encounter and the second one is him and his team

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