Twitch Exposes DSP And His NEED For Whales Versus Other Streamers


Oops! DSP Makes how much more in bits than other streamers? Whales Whales Whales he doesn’t want to be Mr. Whales…
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Comments: 30
  1. Mewmew Fan152

    But that second point is technically wrong as you can't guarantee they are all subs thats donating that money and the fact he can't get to $100 a stream regularly makes that number extremely questionable

  2. Ole Dirty Gamer

    That's 21k a month just on subs

  3. Carlos's Channel

    Pignosis is the only way he'll get his whales to save the day everyday about charge backs and other things "behind the scenes". It's wwe champions time!

  4. Jim G

    Block that Phil you fucking turd!

  5. RevueFox

    Tales from the Brokesyde: Ye be Scammie

  6. saturn580

    It's incredible what you can accomplish by pandering to a small but dedicated audience of wheelchair symbols. I suspect many of Dave's whales have an unhealthy emotional bond to him because they have similar personality problems. They don't throw thousands of dollars at him for the khantent, but because seeing him 'succeed in spite of da haters' makes them feel like they are, too.

  7. Self - ParterNerd

    – Now imagine that he also asks them for money offstream!
    – Absolutely no shame in this guy! And they get no recognition either because he keeps them undercover to mask his big gains…
    – Only desperate wheelchairs would do something like that and it's very sad how alone and pathetic they are. They deserve better but sticking with the pigroach they'll only get poorer!

  8. Bradley Marchand

    How is he not banned yet? All this shows is that his begging is clearly an issue and hes lieing to his viewers straight up. Twitch needs to drop him. Along with all other platforms

  9. kobra6660

    After everything dsp did Hassan exposed him

  10. Curls n twirls of Hateful Slurs

    Who said crowd funding an entire business doesn't pay. Beg beg beg til all the latest greatest toys are mine. Then cry cry cry til mah bills are paid. Then bank $120k and tell creditors to F off.
    Nancy Nancy Nancy should have ordered a audit before passing final judgment cuz you got caught up in the pignosis

  11. hiperdux

    this is incredibly horrible, how he has soooooooooo much money making such a horrible product ? USA has to much first world problems to my 3rd world brain LOL

  12. JakeNeedsCoffee

    Shoutout to xQc for being the realest 👌🏻

  13. LoudSubWoofer

    1:18 – that's over 21 grand. is that per month?

  14. Hypoxxi

    I love the music you use in these videos. It reminds me of 80's and 90's movies at the end where it tells you what happens later in life of the characters in said movie.

  15. AnimeGun

    It’s the fact that info like this comes out he will deny it then ban anyone asking about it and the wheelchairs still fund this shit

  16. Deleted Channel

    I want someone to do a whale call like Dory's from finding Nemo: I NEeD ThAt MoNEy tO PaY My bILlS

  17. PK Lifeup a

    Anyone who brings this up, gets a lean in ban…


    James the Lesser posts even more evidence

    DSP PayPigs: Uh, DURr. PhIL musT neeD EveN MOre of OuR MOneY. We haVe to bEat thE DetRActOrs DooOooOOd.

  19. PigroachGameingKhando

    Dsp gonna play Cyberpunk?? And call game trash.

  20. Athrun82

    So most other streamers have real crowdfunding while DSP has Whale funding. If that isn't a word yet I patent it right now ;)

  21. r1d166y

    How embarrassing

  22. DJRod24

    But he's broke dood, bits doesn't go straight to his bank account, he has to wait a month dood 😂🤦


    fucking exposed

  24. DarkPhoenix69

    Gotta fund that WWE Champions addiction though 🤣. I don't think Phil has ever heard of data analytics before. There are only so many lies you can tell until the real figures expose you. I'd like to see Phil worm himself out of this one.

  25. OnlyIcedPhantomSpaceKarl

    Phillis really missed his calling as a traveling scamvangelist. Think about it, he could have tied his gout into it, the grooming of panda Lee, the marriage to a clydesdale. I swear this is happening in an alternate reality somewhere.

  26. JonnyK

    Uh, I dont get a phasative benefit from that for over a month, tipping is the best way to help *snort

  27. ron sae

    I fapped to this.

  28. Antonio Cruz

    What the whales don't know that all of these bits and tips goes straight to Vince McMahon's pocket.

  29. bobkilla430

    Edit I'm an idiot for asking how many subs right before finishing

  30. The Quiet Engine

    Kinda blows that whole "I'm just an average gamer" and "I'm just like you guys!" right out of the water, doesnt it?

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