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  1. Jake

    “This phone,” SHUT UP!!!

  2. Vikram Ray

    Looks like she got those jeans at Gabriel Bros.

  3. k m


  4. ViceyVERSUS

    Worst commercial ever

  5. spank buda

    She's cursed of having a little boy's body.

  6. Sage Art Channel

    Like seriously when they filmed her, have they looked at her jeans ! That is the worst looking jeans ever! Like bottom from a boy and they added her on top!

  7. Samson Simpson

    What's up with those jeans?

  8. Maria Powers

    Who is this woman? She mentions missing her shows

  9. Eileen Jackson

    This commercial sucks. The ad agency that came up with this one should be fired. Oh, wait, they probably had an employee contest and this was the best of the lot. Just imagine the ones that lost. In addition. As much money as they charge, they could have done so much better.

  10. Orlando Johnson

    I know I’m older & don’t keep up with relevant things of today! Who is BECKY G!?!?! Is she a singer actor athlete or blogger!? All comments just say her name! Duh!
    Ok finally looked around on the internet! Haven’t listened to any songs but I see she’s well known in music!
    I see comments on her pants!!!! There’s nothing wrong with LESS REVEALING CLOTHES ON!!!!
    That’s not why she’s relevant right now! It’s obvious for music/singing!?

  11. ACHILLES 2020

    This phone, generic Jeans.

  12. H H

    Who is this person? They are so annoying and the voice is so irritating I’m canceling my service. Why would you choose this person as a sports person. They barely articulate.

  13. Ricky Bobby

    Stop wearing mom jeans

  14. Jeff Herrscher

    She is extremely annoying; comcast thrives on annoying people.

  15. shadow03clb

    Those jeans are absolutely horrid. It looks like a pair underwear were sewn into the crotch. They are ugly.

  16. lizzybelle 02

    Those jeans are horrible on her.

  17. Evan

    I keep seeing this commercial who is this girl

  18. k m

    She obviously doesn't know what a scam xfinity is to be their spoke person . Do not believe their sales reps they LIE LIE LIE. NO WONDER EVERYONE KNOWS COMCAST IS THE BIGGEST SCAM OUT THERE LOL

  19. swh0812

    I'm sure she's a good singer, but her acting leaves a lot to be desired.

  20. k m

    Xfinity let's their sales reps lie!!!

  21. k m


  22. k m


  23. k m

    Xfinity is the biggest scammmmmmm!

  24. J Bone

    Who the hell dressed this girl? What the actual fuck with those pants? Weird slant seams, check. Heavy vertical wrinkled crotch, check. Too long, check. High waist, check. They've got it all.

  25. karachiarcade

    I need this jacket for my wife. Help please!

  26. Soulbrother 228

    Those jeans gotta go 🍆

  27. Leon Noel

    I've been trying to find out who the fuck this lady is forever!

  28. Rosco

    She's nice

  29. Steve Virginia

    Who is she?

  30. James Price

    Baby thug girl cute here

  31. C A

    Here in Sneads, Florida we lose internet about every month for several hours for the past 2 years. Yesterday and into today, it was down for 19 hrs.. It's Xfinity. These commercials are hilarious because they can't keep the regular internet working consistently. It always happens on Saturday evening, like clock work!!!!

  32. Ted Logan

    She's a pretty girl but she needs a stylist! It looks like she's wearing tennis shoes that seniors wear in the old folks home, and those jeans fit her horribly 🙄

  33. doomdabomb

    Thanks for sharing this

  34. TheDivineFeline

    Where can I get those jeans?

  35. thetickler1206

    Who is she?

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